Contact Jay at (541) 758-9333 or for availability, cost, and to answer any further questions. All classes are adapted by Jay from the Smart Cycling program of the League of American Bicyclists. They are routinely modified to fit the needs of the student(s) in a class.

SMART CYCLING for adults
A series of Smart Cycling classes prepares you to ride more safely, confidently and predictably in traffic. The first class will practice Basic Bike Handling in situations with no traffic. It also covers how to select a bike, enjoy riding and riding safely. The next class teaches you how to check your bike over, position your bike in a lane or intersection and avoid crashes. The third class is basic bike maintenance and repair: from what tools to carry on the road, to doing a quick check before taking off, to patching a tube, adjusting brakes and shifters you’ll learn how to keep your bike in shape and safe to ride. The last class teaches about bike commuting so you can save money and get exercise. Learn what to wear for both cycling and the job, how to carry your laptop, books and paper and practice maneuvers to avoid hazards. You’ll be ready to ride all year long! Take this series and pass a test to earn a Traffic Skills 101 certificate from the League of American Bicyclists. Bring a bike to class!

    Practice the basics of handling a bike in any situation. This first class will be spent in non-traffic areas to get you comfortable with your bike and handling simple situations. Classroom time will be spent on discussing how to select a bike and riding safely. Bring a bike to class!
    This class gets you ready to ride on streets with other vehicles. From checking your bike over before getting on to how to position your bike in a lane and get through an intersection safely you’ll be road ready in no time! How to spot and avoid crashes will make it fun to ride every day. We will practice riding through several intersections with traffic. Bring a bike to class!
    Every bike requires maintenance for safe riding. This class provides you with hands on experience in basic bike repair for keeping your bike in tip top shape. Learning the ABC quick check will help you get started right each time you take off. From patching a tube, to inspecting a tire for damage to adjusting your brakes and shifters (derailleurs) you’ll be able do simple repairs while on the road. Bring a bike to class!
    Save money while getting exercise through commuting on your bike. Learn how to get to work safely and comfortably in all kinds of weather. What to wear that works on the bike as well as on the job. Equipment to use to keep your work supplies dry that are easy to carry will be discussed. Learn how to spot and avoid hazards and ride safely and visibly in the dark. Learn from an expert instructor who has commuted to work for more than 25 years!

Get a great start on smart cycling. Build skill, confidence & independence. Learn how to repair and maintain your bike. Ride safely in traffic. Make your way around Corvallis. Bring a bike to camp.

This is for children and youth who have finished a Bike Safety class such as offered in local schools or through this program last summer. Extend your cycling skills, confidence & independence. Repair a flat and adjust your brakes. Ride safely in traffic and on trails. Navigate the streets of Corvallis. Use your bicycle to help other people. Bring a bike to camp.